Community Farm in Northwest Washington DC

COVID19 - Using the Green to model how we save lives

The Green is modeling best practices to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  Everyone is working hard to stay home and avoid all non-essential contacts and trips outside.  During the public health emergency, anyone in the Green must also follow these rules:

  1. The Green can only be used when a Parks & People-trained, certified Health Leader is present.

  2. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer when you come and when you go.

  3. Please wear masks at all times to protect yourself and others.

  4. Always stay at least 10 feet apart. Be especially careful at entries/ compression points.

  5. Only one person per shift inside the shed (tools will be outside).

  6. No food can be brought in during the emergency.

  7. Limit contact with produce being harvested. (All current produce goes to people in urgent need).

  8. Please bring your own gloves if you can.  

  9. Before you leave, sanitize tool handles and any surfaces touched.

If you would like to access the Green, please let us know so that we can connect you with a Health Leader.

If you want to bring compost to the Green, you do not need to come in.  There is now a bucket just outside the Green next to the compost bins on the north side of the Green.

Farming is an act of faith — that a tiny seed can improbably blossom into a bountiful harvest for all.  We are now called to plant a different kind of seed that will produce the harvest of a healthy community and world.  Separating is not instinctive for us, but we can do this if we lift each other up as we do it.  The Green is a great place to model how we can grow community in this new way, with even  more hope for all life.  This can and will make a vital difference.  

THANK YOU for being part of the Green as a model of community health for all!   Let’s use this time to help strengthen each other as well as the Green and other vital green spaces that are now more important than ever for all our health and healing.